Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We hope your involvement with Snake River Community Clinic (SRCC) provides you with a rewarding and fulfilling experience, enabling you to develop your skills and to enhance career options, while also helping the underserved of the region.

Our Volunteer Policies are designed to protect volunteers, patients, SRCC and the public, and to promote efficient and effective work.

We may change these policies at any time for any reason, upon reasonable notice to you. You will always have the option to discontinue volunteering, though we ask for reasonable notice. This full Agreement between you and us pertains to your volunteer activities with SRCC. For you, this Agreement includes family members, minors, heirs, successors and assigns. As it pertains to SRCC, this Agreement includes any affiliate, successor, chapter, officer, trustee, director, agent, contractor, employee and volunteer.

Volunteer Qualifications and Activities

People of all backgrounds are welcome. We hope that each volunteer has an experience that is valuable, fulfilling, and motivational. Volunteers under 18 need signed permission from a parent or guardian and will not be able to volunteer in clinical areas. We do not accept volunteers under 14.

You may work on projects in one area or several areas. The major areas of service are nursing, dental, pharmacy, medical records, laboratory/phlebotomy, social services, behavioral health, and providers (NP/MD/PA-C). Work may also include, but is not limited to participating in brainstorming sessions and strategic meetings, providing input on various documents and written strategic plans, and other working group activities.  As we are a non-profit entity we kindly ask that volunteers actively involve themselves in community outreach and fundraising.  Word of mouth is a very important way to let people know that we are here to serve their healthcare needs.

When possible, please keep us informed of your regular schedule. Knowing when to expect volunteers helps us to manage, plan and prepare interesting and productive activities. Our office hours are listed on our website. Please utilize the online volunteer portal.

In consideration for the services provided by you, SRCC may provide opportunities to gain and sharpen professional skills and other benefits to you.

SRCC reserves the right to decline an application to volunteer or to discontinue working with you at any time, for any reason, as long as it is not an unlawful reason. You may discontinue volunteering with us at any time.

You state that you have never been charged with any larcenies or any crimes of a sexual or violent nature, or you will speak directly to our Director or Medical Director about any exceptions.

We reserve the right to conduct a background check at any time as a condition of your beginning or continuing to volunteer. We will notify you before performing any background check.