We offer quality free Medical, Dental, Vision, Behavioral Health, and Social healthcare services. Please note that these services are limited and based on volunteer availability. Please call to inquire about available services for your specific needs.

Our Services

Primary and Preventative Care

Wellness exams
Disease prevention
Health maintenance
Management or treatment of acute and chronic conditions
Laboratory tests
Behavioral Health (Day Clinic)
Counseling referrals
Sports physicals

Same Day Care / Urgent Care / Walk-ins

Accidents and falls
Minor cuts that would not require stitches
Breathing difficulties
Eye irritation and redness
Fever or flu
Minor broken bones and fractures in fingers or toes
Moderate back problems
Severe sore throat or cough
Skin rashes and infections
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract infections
Sexually transmitted infections
Vomiting or diarrhea

Dental Care (Future Offerings)

Consult for crowns and restorations
Fluoride treatment
Dental referrals

Prescriber Drug Outlet (Pharmacy)

Prescription Medications
Limited over-the-counter medications
Insulin and diabetic supplies
EpiPen’s (epinephrine)
Narcan (Naloxone)
Donated durable medical equipment
No Controlled Substances

Hygiene Products

Mouth wash
And much more...



  • Uninsured

  • Low-Income  (Up to 250% of Federal Poverty Level)

  • Under-insured:  You have catastrophic coverage only and meet our income requirements

  • Medicaid and you cannot find another provider in a timely manner

  • Proof of household income due by 2nd visit

Forms and Refills

Use the links below to submit refill request, dental request or patient intake form online. An intake form must be complete prior to TeleHealth appointments. Please submit refill requests 7 days prior to end of medications.