About Us

Snake River Community Clinic is a free clinic accepting appointments for medical, limited dental, and behavioral health for the uninsured and underinsured.

Board of Directors

Carol Moehrle, RN, BSN

James Pierce, DDS

Charla Willis, MD

David Storey, RPH

Heather Beasley, MD

Judi Vrieling

Glenn Jefferson, MD (Emeritus Retired Founder)


Heidi Burford-Bell, Executive Director

Carol Ellis, NP-C and Behavioral Health

Vanesa Serna, LCSC Work Scholar MA-C

Tana Amaral, CPh-T

Sarah George, Dental Coordinator

Our mission is to provide access to quality healthcare services for the underserved of the region.

Snake River Community Clinic is a nonprofit free clinic serving the Lewis-Clark Valley and the outlying areas. The clinic serves individuals and families that do not have insurance, are below 250% of the federal poverty level, have only catastrophic insurance, or are waiting to establish care with a medicaid/medicare provider.

The clinic was founded in the year of 2000 by Glenn E. Jefferson, MD and Stamey English, MD. There was a need in the community for better access to medical care. Together with the help of retired Pharmacist Richard Bognas, the clinic was able to provide free medication to patients. There are numerous community members that have given countless hours as volunteers. They are the heart and the reason for the clinics twenty plus years of operation. Another central figure to the story is former director, Charlotte Ash (and her family). Charlotte was known for her ability to recognize patient's faces and her heart for those in need.

As the torch has been passed to the next generation, led by Director Heidi Burford-Bell, new technologies are being utilized and integrated services offered. The Board of Director’s composition includes medical, dental, pharmacy, and public health experts.

Over time the offerings by the clinic have expanded to include lab testing, free hygiene products, over-the-counter medications, limited durable medical equipment, access to free/or reduced cost imaging services, sexually transmitted infections testing and treatment, integrated behavioral health visits, and dental services that go beyond tooth extractions to restorative care.

We believe that to achieve whole body health, primary care must include medical, dental, and mental health care services. When a patient comes through our doors the economic stress of healthcare expenses should be alleviated so the patient can focus on healing and prevention education.

Thanks to the help of professional volunteers, health pathways students, and community donors, this clinic operates 3 days a week for most of the year. It is an absolute privilege to serve in this community by bridging the gap in access to healthcare for the underserved. Together, we build the bridge! We are Snake River Community Clinic!

Award-Winning Healthcare for the Underserved


Brightest Star Award Nominee


Healthcare Hero Award


Idaho Nonprofit Excellence Award


Rural Healthcare Community Star